Proposal ideas?

I don't want to have to do my proposal at school around my classmates and everything. She is my gf so I kno shell say yes as long as I put effort into the proposal. Any outside of school proposal ideas? I was thinking about taking her out to eat and having the restaurant write will u go to prom with me on the receipt for our food. Is that a good promposal?

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  • Do you know the definition of proposal?

    Are you asking her to marry you or go to the prom? Two very different things?


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  • Okay, I generally like the idea except for a few flaws. With this plan it is basically like the restaurant is the one asking her to prom not you. Also this is assuming she is picking up the check? I mean i have no issues with the girl paying but unless this is something that normally happens it could be weird. Plus of you are trying to ask her to prom it's probably better that you pay for dinner. I don't know it just seems like one of those times you should...

  • Marriage or. to prom?


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