What to do about my shy boy quiet friend who I'm in a fight with?

This boy, we'll call him Clark, was my best friend from the moment we met. We talked for hours online but in school he was always a little shyer. Long story short I kinda like him but he liked my friend so I helped Clark try to get her but in the end they didn't get together. We started talking less and he ignored me in the halls but we still chatted online. Clark became more distant online but I always helped him with his school work when he needed it and he could vent with me. We just stopped talking over time and one day he chatted online "wow _____ it's been forever" and I lost it. It hadn't been forever and he had ignored me when I had tried to make an effort. I told him I wanted a real friend not an online chat buddy. I ended it but I wanted to see if he showed any significant caring. He didn't and never even responded to my anger. That was a little before Thanksgiving. We stopped talking but everyother day he takes the long way to walk by my locker. I miss him really bad, but he didn't even care when I left. I wanted him to reach out this time. What should I do? Talk to him? Reach out?


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  • U closed the door
    u yourself have to open it then

    • I opened every door before that though and with him growing distant I wanted a sign of caring

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    • Haha it's your call
      if u need more help. letvme know

    • Kk thanks for the help

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  • Definitely reach out in person. Let him know your not mad. I'm in a little tet à tet with a friend of mine too, and honestly, I can say, if you miss him, it's the best thing to do since he's shy. You probably shook him up a bit with what you said online. So yeah I'd say maybe ask him to talk about things outside of school. In person.

    • He lives far away though and takes the bus home while I walk. I'd like to talk to him but I don't know when. We have the same lunch but he's in a totally different group then me.

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    • Ok... thanks so much!

    • Ok so quick update while he was taking the long way by my locker I grabbed his backpack shoulder and was like "hey we should talk chat me skmetime?" And he gave me an awkward face and said "yeah" and we both walked away. He hasn't so far do you think he will?

  • Talk to him and tell him how you feel


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