Does He Want Me Back Again?

So Me and this guy had a fight, I sent him a photo on whatsapp of a present I was going to give him when I saw him, he lives long-distance from me, His last log in after I have installed the app was 1 week earlier so he rarely used it, he usually used Facebook. After sending him the photo, I got a message from him I don't care I don't want anything from you, you give me space and peace, within 1 hour he was back on whatsapp, and everyday since has been on sometimes 6 times a day, one time he was online and I was on, and it went offline, within a second he had clicked it back on, like it had been left idle. I changed my status most days, and photo. On Friday I put a photo of me holding a bunch of red roses, and wrote this as my status. No distance is too far as long as I have you, feelings are real, I can't forget you. Yesterday I got a message from him How are you? What do you think, is he trying to get me back?

Forgot to add it was 2 weeks yesterday since I had sent him any messages, and then after putting the photo of me holding a bunch of red roses, and changing my status to the above, he messaged me the next day (yesterday)


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  • yes he is... this is the guys mind at work

    • Really do you think so?

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    • yay =) i hope i helped

    • Yes You did :-)

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  • Do you want him back?

    • Yes, Does it sound like he is trying to get me back?