I like her and she likes me, but there is someone elses. What do I do?

So recently I've been seeing this girl. She is beautiful and has a really awesome personality. Things were going really good with us. A little back story is I went to high school with her. Back then I had the biggest crush on her. I wasn't really smooth as a teenager and so I never approached her. Randomly one night I added her to my Facebook. She messaged me one day asking who I was. I didn't think too much about it. Later on that month she messaged me again. She had seen some videos that I had posted of me playing guitar. She asked me if I could teach her. I said sure and gave her my number. After that we started texting and we hit it off. We were talking all the time and seeing each other a lot. We opened up to each other and she shared that she was still in love with her ex. I also brought up that I had just gotten out of a longterm relationship. I'm not going to lie this kinda bothered me about her still being in love with her ex. So I started becoming emotionally distant. After she told me about her ex we still were talking a lot and she told me she had strong feelings for me. Then two weeks ago out of the blue a guy she had a massive crush on in high school came back into the picture. She told me that she hadn't heard from him in 4 years. She also told me that she has feelings for him. This makes me feel really insecure about myself, considering that I have very strong feelings for her. How do I share my true feelings with her and how do I let her know that I want to be her one and only? I don't want to lose her or her friendship.


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  • It sounds like you got friend zoned already...

    When she kept talking about her ex, and now that she's talking about this new guy, it clearly seems like she friend-zoned you. If you liked you romantically, she wouldn't put that it in jeopardy by talking about other guys...

    She seems like a good friend, and I bet you can definetly keep it that way. But if you want to share your true romantic feelings for her, it'd be really hard and awkward.. It might/probably would cost you the friendship because she might not want to be around you because she knows your true feelings...

    Sorry man :(