How far into your relatioship were you when "the question" was popped?

How far into your relationship were you when you/they asked for marriage?

I was only six months in and it lasted about 20 miserable years. How long in were you and how long has it been since then? Are you happy?


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  • I'm not married. I think at least a year is good.

    • Agreed, it takes some time to really know the true person. It would be difficult to achieve faster than a year, as it takes time to settle in to who we are, I think.

What Guys Said 1

  • :/ I don't like the idea of legal marriage. If I can't rely on her being faithful without the law, what's the point?

    • In some states, common law comes into effect so you are married whether you ask or not. Marriage is certainly no guarantee of fidelity, neither is "faithful" church follower / Sunday school teacher (like the bumper sticker says... Ask me how I know). In my mind, aside from the legal ramifications (which you might mostly get when common law marriage occurs) it's a promise, I supose. ... interesting question to think about, though.