Should I go out with my best guy friend of 6 years who dated my best friend of 2 years?

My guy best friend of 6 years just broke up with my girl best friend of 2 years and he always liked me but I'm starting to have feelings for him and he's gonna ask me out on Wednesday and I don't know what to say?


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  • First ask your girl BF for her consent. You don't wanna lose her friendship for this guy do you?

    • No I don't wanna lose either of them thanks for the advice

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  • If you really like him, go for it. I'd suggest you to talk to your friend beforehand though.

  • If he JUST broke up with her, I would ask him to wait if I were you. Thinking about the feelings of your friend is important, unless you no longer want to be friends with her... Plus, he needs time as well, rebound relationships don't seem to work out to well... But good luck!!! :)