How can I stop missing my ex?

My boyfriend of ages went on exchange for Uni. He assured me the time apart would be fine and that we would talk often. This didn't happen, he didn't start 1 convo in the 7 weeks he was gone, I started all of them. While he was gone I was going through issues with my parents, and he was helping me a little. One day we hadn't spoken in 4 days & I had just had a huge fight with my dad. I messaged my bf 'Hey, when you get a sec / get internet can you message me, I just need help or something.'
He saw the message, didn’t say anything, then inboxed my MUM on Facebook saying he can’t handle me or deal with my problems anymore. He then blocked me and never said another word to me. He got back a month ago now and he never said a word to me again. I’m so heartbroken. We were such a perfect couple before he left; he always assured me we’d never part / he’d never want to leave me & that this time apart wouldn’t have a negative effect. I know he felt too young for a relationship but he always reminded me that I was too perfect of a girl for him for him to ever want to leave.

I am often having to go places where me and him went (especially as of late since Uni has started again, me and him always hung out at Uni). I really, really miss him and am having a really difficult time dealing with this. Does anyone have any advice for me / how I could possibly stop missing him?

Thank you so much, I appreciate all help so much xx


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  • You will never stop missing someone you love you will just ignore the hurt my ex went to russia and decided to stay right after our son passed i still miss him but i can deal with it since time has passed try to get out dance see a movie go to the park mabey the beach pick up a new hobby you will be ok