What's the worst girlfriend you've ever had?

Describe the worst girlfriend you've ever had. If you've never had a bad girlfriend describe the worst one you could imagine. Please go into detail.


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  • Was dating this one girl my senior year of high school. She was involved in a lot and from a smaller town. So with the pressure of all the stuff she was doing as well as everyone being in everyone else's business she was on OTC Antidepressants. Well, while at her prom no one was dancing. So myself and a friend both being from larger towns / schools didn't care and were going to dance. She pulled me to the side and said dont i dare go out there and embarrass her. My prom she skipped even though the softball tournament got rain delayed and could have made it back in time. In the end the relationship was supposedly my fault yet she was the one on antidepressants. w/e lol.


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