Woah! Nice things never happen to me! What the heck does this mean and what the heck should I do?

This girl just basically told me that she wants to date.

The neighbor girl down the hall from me, whom I've been trying to get with for awhile... pretty much basically confirmed she likes me tonight.

After going through this whole game of me trying to figure out if she does or not... she came over today to use the computer due to extenuating circumstances (she wanted to fill out some job applications). After she was almost done, I started talking to her basically about how "I guess we'll just be friends from now on" and asking her if she had any tips for any other girls I tried to ask out in the future.

She said that she likes it when a guy just goes for it, and told me about "some guy" she knew in high school that she really liked but she didn't just feel comfortable telling him she really liked him that quickly. Then she went on to basically say that "if I like a girl I should just ask her out sometime"... taking this as an insanely heavy signal that even I couldn't miss, but still couldn't be sure about, I went out on a limb and asked her to go out sometime and she said "yes".

Just before she headed out, I got her cell phone number. When's the soonest I should text her or any of that? Should I start flirting more now? I'm still unsure of how much flirting would be okay honestly

So, we hung out and watched movies for awhile. I'm still so confused about this girl's body language, and what it is exactly that she wants, how fast she wants things to develop, and etc.

If it were up to me, we'd just go through the whole puppy love thing and get it out of the way, but I'm just confused about what she wants. She seems interested in some things, but other times... Whenever I look at her she looks at me and smiles but I don't know if it's a "stop looking at me smile" or like u


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  • If you just finished talking to her that day wait a day to text her. Also go easy on the flirting at the start. From what you have told me about her it sounds like she would be uncomfortable with heavy flirting from the very start. Wait til you are more comfortable with each other before you start flirting otherwise it could come off like you just want a piece of ass.

    by the way good for you max I am happy for you!


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  • Max the last thing i wanna do is give you the wrong advice. BUT if i am thinking as myself (and i am a girl) then i would just go for it at this stage. She just invited herself out of the friend zone and into a potential girlfriend, so if she backs down now then you are not the one looking like a fool it is her. I think she needed time to digest the idea of knowing what she wants. It's so easy to think the worst in a girl because she sent out mixed signals, but flip it over and think from her point of view and girls are NOT like guys, sometimes we need to 'decide' whereas men seem to make their mind up pretty early on. Give her a text and follow her advice, she asked for you to go for it, so just do it. Get the ball rolling cause you have waited a long time to get to this point. I really hope it works out. I am STILL in my crappy situation with my guy who i messed around unintentionally and i know for a fact i am not a player or attention seeking but men and women view each others thoughts/signals/opinions so differently. Fingers crossed for you x


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  • Wow mate, why do you say nice things never happens to you? It is so damn tough for a man to get a woman to say 'yes' to him these days. And this girl agreed. Congratulation, that is an achievement in itself!

    Just take it a bit slow, so that you don't make her feel that you've being creepy. You've done all the hard work, and got a yes! Shouldn't be too tough from here onwards. Good luck!

    • I don't know how to take it slow lol Does take it slow mean to just not write her for awhile?

      People's feelings are so fragile during these things. I don't want to be smothering or uncaring and it's hard to find balance lol

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    • No it isn't! See how all he did was just ask and she said yes? That's it! @M_A_X be yourself, if you want to hit her up right away then do it. She already told you that she likes the boldness.

    • @ButterSauce

      Yes it is! He got a 'yes', but most men aren't so privileged. They need to hear a 'no' from multiple women until one woman says 'yes' usually out of mercy.

      Men have unfortunately lost all credibility, here, because women hold all the cards when it comes to dating and relationships.

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