Why won't my boyfriend introduce me to his parents?

Hey there,
I've been dating my boyfriend for almost three months now.
Last week, we were out clubbing with our friends, and his parents were in the club next to us. They're really cool and they are aware that we're dating, however my boyfriend never "officially" told them.
His mom came over and said hi (she gave me a kiss and waved to everyone else), but he never "intoduced me". Then the next night, we were in the same club, and he started to leave. I asked him where he was going and he said that he was going to say to his parents, who were next door. I can't help but wonder if he's ashamed of me? Why doesn't he want me to officially meet his parents? I'm not tacky, I dress well, and I'm not vulgar.
Wouldn't that have been a good opportunity to just say "hey this is my girlfriend"? It would have just been a quick "hello-goodbye"..



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  • If they already know about you, then why does it matter so much that he hasn't formally introduced you to them? You could always just introduce yourself if you insist that much on it, or just ask him to do it.

    • I understand what you mean. It may just be a "guy" thing that I don't understand.
      However I only know his parents are aware that we're dating, because of all the parents that have told them. Whenever they ask the dad if he knows we're dating, he simply says "well not officially".
      My boyfriend has NEVER mentioned me to his dad.
      I'm probably just overthinking it, but is this normal for a guy? Or is it just that my boyfriend is inexperienced and is a little shy about having a girlfriend for the first time?

  • He's afraid you'll hook up with this dad

    • Goodness, I doubt it. But thanks for your help :P

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