Will I look desperate to this guy?

We met twice and like each other, but he felt bad not to have "proper time and effort" to give me right now (his life is jam packed and will be for a couple more months). He hopes we "keep in touch" for the time being. Instead, I gracefully gave him space (2 weeks of not contacting him), because I took it as rejection. BUT, I really would much rather see him a little than not at all. I want to "keep in touch" too.

How do I get back in with this guy without looking desperate? He truly is special.


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  • I was in the same situation once and I always wished I reached out to her in hindsight, I saw it as rejection too...
    Maybe float out a light hearted sms that does not require a direct response, and see what his reaction is? Just an idea


What Girls Said 1

  • My advice is text him like once every two to three weeks asking how he's been and hope everything is well. So you can still keep in touch without looking desperate.