When or how should I contact her?

It is 1:30 am Sunday night, and I had a WONDERFUL first date with an amazingly beautiful, fun girl last Friday . We really got along better than I ever thought we would. It really was great, we spent over 6 hours together, had a nice dinner with a great concert, then drinks afterwards (no sex) and parted ways. She made it clear she wanted to see me again soon, and I said I'd love that.

Saturday we texted a little in the afternoon, things were just as they left off the night before, and I had a family thing that night and she was having a girls night.

Around 9:50 she calls me, but I miss it. She called again around 10:40, and I JUST miss it. I call her back right away, but she doesn't pick up. I call back once more to be sure, and same thing. I leave her a text saying I was sorry I missed her calls, and to call me back whenever she needs, and to have a great night!. So I wait around an hour or so, and since I heard nothing I text her "I hope everything's going okay." Then go to bed.

Sunday comes, mid afternoon I text her, "Hey! How did your night turn out?" And that's it. Haven't heard anything since.

Did I go wrong somewhere? Should I be worried? What should I do now? I felt justified in calling back since she called first. Because we were so genuine around each other I thought texting her a couple times would be fine. But She hasn't responded in over 24 hours and I'm confused. Did me missing her two calls upset her? I just need to know... should I text her in the morning? Should I wait and call her in the evening after dinner sometime tomorrow? I hate this "dating game" where I can't just say hi or call when I feel like saying hi. I'm reading into it all now and just want some honest direction. I appreciate it very much!


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  • You kindve gotten off on the wrong foot for missing those calls. Try not to text her to much. If you are going to text her you better have a good reason like seeing her again otherwise don't bother. Be a challenge to her. And no sex on the first date smh. Did you at least made out? kiss? If not then you are close to the "friend zoned".

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