Should I try again with her?

I was dating a lovely girl for a month , I had some issues after my dad's death ( high anxiety/depression ) and she brushed me off ( very politely just saying she was not ready for this, and she didn't hurt my ego ) ..
4 months later, I am doing a lot better, have control over my issues and are back to myself, I still think about her now and then and what could of been, Is it worth contacting her? Or just leave it be, I am worried I look weak/ needy reaching out to her which is the last thing I want.


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  • Never know unless you try. Good luck, hope it works out. :)


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  • Sorry to hear you went through all of this.
    Do you know the phrase *For better or for worse*? Guess were the relationship failed.
    If you just like to spend some time with her go for it. But if you are serious about her I would not. She has already shown that in times of trouble she won't be there for you.

    • Mate only knew her for a few weeks, I have no ill feeling about her bailing, I was a basket case, I was emotionally unavailable, just didn't realize it at the time... but cheers for your thoughts

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    • Aha. I missed that you only dated for a month. Then I can understand her reasoning.

      You could give it a try. Yes you can look at it as being needy and all. You can also look at it as one that goes for what he wants.

    • Cheers mate

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