What is wrong with me lately?

My life is falling apart... and i don't know what to do. I'm 22 years old and i paid my debt off, i live at home, i don't have a drivers license yet, i barely have any friends over in my homwtown, i just got a new job at a restaurant and i'm in school for managament but im failing classes and i keep coming in late for my internships and job because i just can't get out of bed... i feel dead inside, nothign makes me happy or bring me joy, im not ungrateful just tired, emotionally tired, why? should i just move out? and move away to a new town?


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  • I think you may be depressed. I know the feeling.

    Maybe you just have 'too' much on your plate. Try easing down on everything..


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  • Join the Marines they will fix you


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