How to approach a player Kind of guy who seems like look for a one night stand the best?

I'm interested in this guy I met who has a young child. He tried to have sex with me on the first night out I asked him to join me and my friend. When he asked me to go home with him, I told him that I don't want to have one night stand. He agreed. But when we got his house , Ofcourse he tried to put his hand in my pants. I told him I don't feel like it yet , we don't know each other well yet.
He told me he can't resist. He complimented me a lot in Different way like he never felt so open to anyone so quickly or I'm different from other girls etc. And I was comfused if he was telling me things like that to get laid or meant it.
In the morning he asked me why I attracted to him, I told him I don't know anymore I didn't think you were this kind of person as he had tried more than 10 times to put his hand in my pants all night and morning. He also rubbed my body and cuddle me whole time that made me feel good.

When we said bye he didn't say anything but kiss and smile. when I got home I texted him saying I had a good time and sending you some food with some food emoji (he needed to go to work and told me had no break for 6 hrs.) he only replied me saying hahaha thanks.

I'm still interested in him. i don't know why but I feel that I want to get to know him more as a person. But I don't want to feel rejected. What's the best way to approach him without making him think I like him romantically. makes him feel less heavy about me keep in touch. I just want to get to know him and don't mean that I want to be his gf.


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  • I think you're lying to yourself and you're being desperate already.
    It seems you have weak boundaries because him putting his head down your pants is a big no and him continously doing that shows a lack of respect on his part. He clearly cares only about getting what he wants not how you feel so why are you talking to him again? Are you lonely?

    I hope you didn't seriously send this guy food and you just texted him that. And for the record when a guy says "you're different" he doesn't mean it and yes he said only to manipulate you more into having sex with him. A guy thinks "you're different" and treats you like it.

    To get a player you have to show him it's your way or the highway but that's too late you showed him I'll stick around if you do.