Does he still like me?

So this guy I met in real life talked to me every second day and I thought he really liked me. He lives about 3-4 hrs away frim me and we are only 14 and 15 so we never see each other, but He'd do anything to Skype with me or see me and he'd always send 'haha' (is that flirting? Omg I suck) and he'd always drop hints that he liked me. He would always ask about my relationship status and the last time we talked for a long time he asked me if I had a crush and who it was. I was so scared and worried what he would think that I made out to be that it was someone else and he didn't know who it was. Then I asked him who he liked and he said that he'd be dating her soon. Everything was normal and then we stopped talking for the night. A couple of days later I messaged him and he just said 'hi' then didn't continue the conversation. The other day he texted me first and I thought there was still a hope. Have I completely recked things with him
And made it awkward or is there still a hope he likes me? because I reaaaally like him.


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  • Well , "haha" isn't flirting.
    It seems you guys enjoyed talking with each other.

    When guys like a girl , they will talk , talk talk (text) with you.
    So discontinuing talking after just "Hi" is not a good sign.
    But the next day he initiated the conversation is a good sign.
    try talking more. and don't be nervous , just enjoy the conversation.

    You made nothing Awkward , trust me.
    There's still hope. Be


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