Where are we going wrong?

I'm always seeing takes about how the friendzone doesn't exist and that if a girl just wants to be friends with us than its our fault. Believe me I while I don't disagree with that last point, it seems like that's all girls say. They say that it has something to do with us, but they don't say what that thing is. So my question is, where do you think that most guys go wrong when attempting to attract a girl?


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  • Honestly, a lot of times the guys who complain the most about "friendzoning" are generally reaching beyond their own league... harsh but true.

    • So we just have to live with the fact that we're born losers. There has to be something we can do to rise above our current league.

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    • I wasn't accusing you - I was speaking in generalizations based on my own and others' experiences..

    • Ok I agree. I'm just upset about this modern concept of "If you weren't born with a lot of mating affinity you with NEVER be good with attracting mates".

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  • Too clingy or they see traitsin you that are just not attractigve to them


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  • First, if she's taken then you are friendzoned; many guys don't realize she's take before it's to late.

    Second, guy doesn't take any action but waits.

    Third, a guy is way out of his league, doesn't look at himself and wonder what could he have done differently