Guys: you're dating a girl and she has hair on her fingers, stomach etc. How would you react?

so im very hairy? lol
I dont think that i have much more hair in general compared to a avergae woman, but my hair is very dark so its very visable. Im currenty seeing a guy and i know touching etc is going to be involved in the near future, but i have a lot of (visable) hair and it makes me self conious. Im ofc going to shave parts like my leggs, bikiniline and armpis, but i have hair on my arms, i have a happy trail, hair on my back, hair on my finers and toes. It's not necessarily a lot of hair or thick hair, but it its visable or at least to me
Do you think he would mind? would you be turned off by it if your girlfriend or the girl you're dating had thin hairs on her finger, lower back etc?


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  • It's not a good attribute but not a dealbreaker either. I myself probably wouldn't mind.

    • i hope its not a dealbreaker because ain't nobody have time to shave the whole body all the time lol

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  • Hell dont sweat it. My wife has one of them female mustache. I dont give two shits about it. But it bugs the crap out of her.
    She is more worried about then the outside world.

    So stop worrying over nothing. 99% of the time the man won't care.

  • I personally wouldn't mind at all, I don't think that most guys would either.

    • thats good to hear :)

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  • I say don't worry!! Just be comfortable with yourself and others will be too. I know how you feel- obviously nobody's gonna see around my bikini line yet though!!! And whilst you may notice your hair, most people- especially somebody that really loves you- probably won't!
    And quite frankly, hair is a natural thing! If a guy can't deal with that then- no offence- but he's probably not worth it...
    Hope this helped! If you have any other questions just ask?
    Good Luck!
    Lucy xx

    • yeah you're right, hair is natural thing, if he can't handle it he's obiously a boy and not a man, and ain't no body got time for that!

      And it did help :)

    • Glad I could help :) I have hair on my arms and stuff and my boyfriend doesn't find it offensive- nor does anyone else! So I guess it's nothing to worry about!

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