Men: Which would you prefer?

Guys which would you prefer:
a virgin that will not have sex or do anything sexual until after marriage
a virgin with a very high sex drive that will absolutely not have sex until marriage but will do basically anything else sexual

  • virgin
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  • virgin with high sex drive
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  • answers
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Is this a trick question? Or rhetorical?

    • its a real question

    • Why wouldn't everyone pick B?

    • you never know

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What Guys Said 3

  • why a virgin anyway?

  • I consider oral and anal to be sex, so I'd find B to be a dishonest bimbo and wouldn't pick her on principle.

  • Neither. I prefer women who are not afraid of getting burned while looking for a worthy partner.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's different for every man, but generally men are impressed and attracted towards a woman who has the mastery over sexual temptation. There's something admirable about anyone who has the extreme self-discipline it takes to remain a virgin or even have a low sexual number. Self-discipline in general is a highly attractive trait that many people find themselves magnetized towards. I think that's the real key in this issue.
    Not just men, but women as well, tend to get turned off when there is someone who has lacked so much self-discipline and carelessly, recklessly exposed themselves to a large amount of sexual partners whom surely they can't realistically know if it's a safe situation.

    whoops, misread but I'm leaving that answer anyway lol
    Guys are going to want sexual pleasure because they are humans and their penis is a functioning organ that desires sexual stimulation. Especially if they are used to getting a lot of it. So typically, guys will pick number 2

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