I dont know what to do, any advice?

So I've been talking to this guy for a like 3 weeks and been on 2 dates with him , and he likes me and i think he is a great guy.
BUT i somehow want to wait on another guy that i dated.. i know i sound stupid and horrible, but i just feel like the other guy and i had so much more connection and he's been in the middle east for 3 months working and i just am sitting here wishful thinking "what if " he contacts me and wants to date..

i know at the same time that this guy is a really good guy and i should give it more time

what to do :(


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  • get to know this other guy!

  • If he hasn't contacted you in 3 months and you want to wait you must really love him but I would just to be on the safe side leave it another month and if he doesn't get in contact forget him

    • we dated and it was a bad timing but i dont want to sit and wait.. and this guy is very nice and everything i look for in a guy but something isn't there.. maybe the spark? do i have to date him more in order to find the spark?

    • No if there is a spark you would probely see it on the first date