Would you go on a blind date with someone an hour away from where you live?

I'm getting set up on a blind date but it's an hour away. I feel like this is a bad idea because if it goes poorly we have to sit in the car an extra hour just for the ride home. Am I being logical or am I just scared? Should I go on this blind date?

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  • I would cancel. or meet him somewhere in the middle and take your own cars. why not just coffee or something first?

    • Exactly! I was thinking that but the Robles is apparently he has something planned for us already so I feel bad asking my friend to tell him to change it. My friend is the one who set is up.

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    • you need to speak up. tell them to change it. who cares if he made plans already, they can be changed

    • Okay, thanks for the advice!

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  • i wouldn´t ever go on a blind date at all. i´d want at least one picture, where i can see her face.


What Girls Said 2

  • If the person setting up your blind date feels strongly that this person is a good candidate, then just go!

    • Okay thanks for the input! :)

  • I wouldn't go in a blind date period but definitely not an hour away : safety reasons

    • Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.