Whats goooing onnn with these guys I like?

So, 2 guys are texting me. I'm usually the one who takes time to reply sometimes when a guy texts me, but these 2 guys are different, they take longer to reply, and i've dated quite a lot. But A guy is worse than me, he's so fuckin sweet and flirts with me, and texts me more than the handsome one, but it makes me so anxious when he takes more than 20mins to text me back, I don't know y, i mean im not that into him , i like B guy more, bc he's way more handsome and he likes me! but A guy is like I don't know, he just makes me so anxious that it makes me think more about him, I don't know whats going on with my mind, any advice help whatever pls?


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  • it's a natural reaction to someone when they aren't available when you want them. that in itself will build more attraction over time than good looks will. Just play it cool. it seems like you are about to lose it over a 20 min pause in texting. just take a deep breath, it's no big deal trust me. when I text and people text me, it's not uncommon for hour long laspes from both ends, people get busy ya know


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