I feel bad on my boyfriend... I love him, I just dint want to be here anymore. What do I do?

Basically... i don't want to be here anymore... im sick of the way I am made to feel, how my life has turned out and the way I am.

I've recently got into a relationship, I love my boyfriend so much, he's literally been the only source of my happiness in a long while.

He doesn't know this but he has been, I tell him but he doesn't actually understand hw much I mean it.

He tells me he loves me more than anything in the world and o can talk to him about anything... but I've never been one to burden ny problems on friends or anything. I don't feel Asif I'm important enough to do that.

I don't want to hurt my boyfriend in the process of hurting myself... i don't actually want to be here and I defiantly dont want to hurt him... I just have no idea how to solve both problems without me hurting him.


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  • You break up with him.


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  • there is no getting around hurting someone when you break up with them. the worst thing you can do is drag it on.


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  • You don't want to be where anymore? Living in general, or in your town? You love your boyfriend, so try to cheer up and put all your emotional baggage behind you. If you need to talk to someone about your problems that you're going through, why not discuss them with him? It's not putting your burdens on him, it's just having someone there to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, a way to move passed things, etc. Don't give up. You're under the age of 18, this is common that young adults feel like "giving up" and that they've "had enough" of everything. It's just your hormones. Don't throw stuff away just because of a simple phase you're going through at a young age. Keep moving forward. Get active in the community by signing up for new stuff to start doing to keep your mind off of whatever you're going through. Your life can change by making changes for yourself. If you're not happy, why not try to do something about it in a positive manner? Positive manner is not giving up, by the way.

    • I completely agree with this. If you're talking about suicide/self harm, please don't. You'll go through plenty of grey and depressing areas in your life, everyone does. But please don't feel so desperate as to kill or hurt yourself, you'll end up damaging those around you far more than any good you could do. You'll pull through it, just talk to your friends and family. If you feel like your boyfriend may actually be the source of some of your unhappiness after all, get rid of him. It sounds harsh but you're young and you'll both move on. If you're this unhappy, you need this time to yourself to grow and heal and to look after yourself, not someone else. Please don't do anything rash. This site, your family, friends and anyone you speak to will be more than willing to help - suicide/self harm or anything like that is a bad idea and you're better than that!

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