What do girls look for in guys?

Honestly I would like to know what girls actually look for in guys. and also what girls like guys to do to make them feel comfortable?


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  • Honestly-
    A nice smile. Smart, nice, kind, caring, protective, sweet, loyal and creative personality. To make them feel comfortable by being yourself I front of them and be funny, try to touch them like if your laughing at a joke touch her shoulder or hand

  • someone who is loyal, honest, funny, gives you space when you need it, (isn't controlling) and just an overall easy going person who doesn't treat people like their inferior (he can't be stuck up or let his ego get in the way of everything)

    • ok how would a guy know if they need space

    • ask her when she does lol or I mean with guys as well, I would just assume they would need space or some time away when they're working, hanging out with their friends sometimes etc., same goes for girls (most of us lol)

    • i like it :)

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