Do I have to actually ask a girl out or can a relationship happen naturally just by spending more time with someone?

If I only ask a girl to hang out without making any intentions clear can a relationship just happen. If we both like each other why can't a relationship just naturally occur? If a girl likes me and I'm always asking to hang out with her and seek her out will she notice I like her. Basically if me and a female friend like each other could we end up dating if I'm always spending time with her? Me being comfortable enough to tell her I have feelings could very well happen too.


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  • letting it happennaturally is so much better than getting asked out, you're too busy having fun to bother with the rules and fan fair of dating.

    • So just hanging out with someone more has the potential for a relationship?

    • Yeah, that's how my boyfriend and I started out. the only thing I can tell you about our anniversary is that it's june/july, we decided to define what we had a few months later

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  • Yes they can happen without asking her out but you have to slowly ramp up the intimacy and eventually get to physical stuff like kissing. If you never make a move, and she never makes a move, nothing will happen.