LADIES ONLY! What can a guy say or do when he first meets you to ask you or approach you for a date to get a "yes" or your number from you?

is there a good / better way to increase your chances of a "yes" or a "date" that impresses you? or is it just a matter of looks and body type?


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  • it all depends on your attitudenot eve girl is the same but for most girls, if you go up to a girl and give them a genuine compliment and then show interest in getting to know them and their personality for a while, then ask for their number or to continue your conversation over coffee or dinner, then you're more likely to get a yes. Girls usually want to see that you're interested in who they are rather than what they look like or the benefits that they could bring you. They also want to see that you have confidence and are willing to put in the effort required to really get to know them. Also be completely open and honest and offer information about yourself as well you have to give and take! no girl wants to do all the talking, but they also don't want you to talk their ear off! have patience, show interest in them, be open and honest, and find a nice balance of talking and listening! and definitely leave the asking out/for their number for last! if you get a girl interested, then most will jump at the chance to continue the great conversation they were having! also don't forget to smile, be light and airy, and don't be afraid to throw (minimal) flirtations/ lines in there to get the girl blushing, but not enough that you just seem fake! it's all about balance, and confidence! best of luck darling!

    • GREAT answer. specially the specific details you put into it. thanks you.

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    • fun fact, before I started kindergarden (at age 4) I took French classes and went to a French preschool. then when I moved back to CO from Canada, I took three years of Spanish and three years of german all while being 2+ years younger than every single other kid in my grade! so I don't know if that helped at all hahaha and I've been a romance fanatic since grade 2! lol

    • and I've spoken sign language ever since I could remember! lolz! going to college next year as the youngest honors student in the past 15 years and gonna be a duel major in business/finance and musical theatre <3 ... not to blow my own horn or anything.. hahaha

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  • Just being yourself and coming to me might be a yes.


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