How do you ask a guy to hang out without being nervous?

Hey guys! So if any of you have read my previous question (you could check it out for more details if you haven't), you'd know that I'm a white American girl crushing on a Japanese guy in one of my college classes :) I've made some progress with him and started talking to him in class more, but that's not enough for me haha! My cousin was giving me tips on this situation, and he said to use the excuse of wanting to learn more about Japan as a reason for asking the guy to casually hang out. I'm planning on asking my crush to hang out tomorrow, so wish me luck! Any tips? I was planning on saying, "Hey, listen. I'm very interested in learning more about other cultures, and I was just wondering if you maybe wanted to hang out sometime! You could tell me more about Japan, as I'd love to know more!" Does this sound okay, or should I change it? I'm sooooo scared haha I'm very shy when it comes to cute guys, and I don't want to end up chickening out. Thanks for your time, y'all! :)


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  • Personally I don't believe there is any getting around feeling nervous, you just have to tell yourself that although if he turns the offer down, it's not that terrible of a thing, but if you receive the opposite reply the happiness that comes with it by far outweighs any negative ending


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  • Back in the day, I found what helped me be not so shy around guys I liked would be to approach them with the mind-set of just wanting to be friends, nothing more. Of course I wanted more than just friends in reality, but if I put that aside and kept telling myself he's just a friend, it actually helped me relax a lot more.