Is it stressful to be in a open relationship?

So I was curious if it was stressful because I honestly don't know since I haven't really been in a relationship and I think my best guy friend told me " I like how we can date without being serious " my friends told me I'm in a open relationship with him, but not to back out because he's showing signs that he might want to be serious. So I don't know if it will ever happen haha so I was wondering if a open relationship is stressful.
I just think that when it comes to it he likes me as a friend more than anything even if we are dating I guess.


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  • Well it shouldn't be stressful. If you are the kind of person that is actually into polyamory, then it wouldn't at all be stressful. So if you're the kind that gets jealous and monogamous, this IS NOT for you. I know that we think that we can change a guy, but we can't. He's going to do what he's going to do. I hope I helped! Good Luck, Sweetheart.<3

    • Thanks and yes you did! And I'm not the jealous type instead its sorta the opposite he sometimes acts like he is jealous when a guy seems interested in me. But then again no matter what we will still be great friends and thank you ☺❤

    • Thanks for MHO!!!(:

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  • An open relationship needs to be agreeable to both parties. If it is, I don't see how that could be stressful.

    • I agreed and thought it was a nice idea, when we hangout with friends we will just hangout and then we will have a day for just the two of us but will still do things that is fun because I don't care for fancy dates or restaurants

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    • An open relationship is you can have sexual partners outside of your relationship. It's not "hanging out" with friends.

    • Well I don't have sex and he doesn't either we're both virgins so no sex or anything like that will be involved

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  • It would stress me out becasue I want to be the only person in their life that they're dating. I don't want there to be some other girl that he's thinking about while he's with me.

    • I understand, he had a girlfriend but I wasn't sad instead I was happy for him but he kept telling me how he will still be invested in us. They broke up 1 month ago and it only lasted a month and a half and that was when he was treating much differently, if he finds someone else I'm just going to stay friends because I can't continue doing until he finally decides.