I dont know if I screwed things up completely or not w this girl?

girl hinted at me asking her out. I asked her out she said yes, but then she was kind of stand offish and there was some miscommunication. she gave me her number but I ended up needing it again and I had kind of trouble getting it from her. she seemed like she was standoffish and avoiding me so I just dropped going out with her and tried to be cold ish to her. well that day she flirted with me a lot but I kind of ignored it because I felt rejected and didn't understand. so she backed off. now time goes by and I feel like I messed up. I didn't tell her this tho I said I had doubts about dating. she was cold and seemed to avoid me. then she got warm again and things were better. now she dosent see me anymore. today she walked by and won't look at me. I noticed she quickly saw it was me and made sure she wouldn't look. but then another time she passed me and I saw her check out from corner of her eye. she definitely was seeing if i was there, I feel like she is still interested but feels rejected? she isn't just ignoring me she checjked me out kind off still. should I bother asking her out again. I feel like she likes me but is trying to hide it as opposed to ignoring me


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  • If you want someone to happen then be sincere and ask her out

    • do you think I have it right now tho? that she might still like me

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