What are ways to not move to fast when dating?

So me and the guy I'm dating are both guilty of moving too fast in our past relationships. It's so easy to get swept up in the honeymoon period and I know that we're definitely going through this part now. We both decided that we want to try to keep from going too fast even to the point where we have taken sex off the table (for the time being until we are more serious). So what are some things that you all have done in your relationships to keep from moving too fast too soon?


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  • Taking sex off the table will help. What are your and his views on "moving too fast"?

    I've never been in a relationship before so take it for what it's worth.

    Talk about things your normally wouldn't when dating someone. I saw the movie "Old Fashioned" and I think it had a few good points. Namely, stay out in public. This will listen the chances of you both getting frisky. Talk about your day to day lives.

  • You don't do anything... meaning, it moves the way it should. Example, If I date a girl the first night and we get laid, I wouldn't probably want a relationship with her.

    What do you consider too fast? What were the consequences in your previous relationships?


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