FBW with the ex boyfriend, any idea please?

hey! we met with him last summer we slept at our 2. date. and our relationship lasted for 3 months and the we broke up without any reason. we were good together. he is a trusthworthy, nice, kind and clean person. but he was a little bit sting and i was the sticky girlfriend always texting him and asking for attention all the time. when he broke up with me i was so sad and angry. I told him that he was really bad at bed.. and so far it has been 4 months and we haven't talked to each other. today I realised that he unfollowed me on instagram. I wanna text him and start a conversation. I really want him. so here is the question: if u were the guy, what will be your reaction?


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  • FBW means?

    • i mean friends with benefits

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