Long-distance girlfriend feeling suicidal... what should I do?

I met my girlfriend several years ago at an engineering event at a university. We are so alike and we quickly became friends. Everything was perfect for a while and it's still going well, except for occasional family and personal issues she has that I try to help with. She lives 200 miles away and is an only child living with her mother. Her mom constantly verbally abuses her and tells her she's useless, she won't amount to anything, etc. She's apparently had bad depression for several years now, starting before we even met and she goes to a psychologist. She actually once attempted suicide several months before we met. Anyway, she has few friends and they're decent relationships but her mom is brutal to her. She's started talking to me like her mom does, saying that her mom is right and she IS worthless, etc. She recently applied to go to the same college that I'm at currently but her mom isn't helping with the parent portion of the federal student aid forms and their family isn't very well off. She's telling her that she'll never get accepted and that nobody wants her in the workforce. She also just said yesterday to her (to her daughter!) that she's probably going to become the next mass murderer. Anyway, my girlfriend told me today that she's going to kill herself if she doesn't get accepted to my college because she can't handle living with her mother any longer. What should I do? I'm just a student and I can't take time off or take a bus 200 miles away in an instant.


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  • just leave her. find a girl who lives nearby. and who is not suicidal.

    • The girls here are mostly sluts who all look the same. No thanks. We have too much in common and we're too far down the road for me to just say "fuck it."

  • Depression can be a thing that drives people towards suicide. And not seeing any hope or a way out drives people to depression. Try and give her something to look forward to. You visiting her, a vacation or something else.