Could this guy possibly be into me?

He comes in every Sunday for half price tanning at the salon I work at. I didn't work the Sunday before last because of my other job. He said he left last week because it was too busy yet he waited 20 minutes for a stand up when I was there. He remembered I wore a mn wild long sleeve last time he saw me when I didn't and was talking about where he was from and how hockey wasn't popular out there and then proceeded to ask me if I get hit on a lot at my other job, and I told him yes but im basically oblivious to when someone is into me and my coworkers are the ones who notice, but as a manager where i work he could come visit me and i can give him a free meal. He was like I've only been there once but its super good, maybe ill stop in one day and when he left I noticed he looked back and wanted to say something but me and this other girl were so busy he just looked at me and I was like well I hope to see you soon! And he smiled and left. This guy is like everything im pretty sure I want given the fact that I haven't had too much luck lately. Lol. Thoughts? Was he just being friendly? We've never had a conversation before. Lol.


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  • In my opinion, it's so hard to understand the intention of men. Some say, just take it for what it is. I know for myself, I tend to over analyze EVERYTHING and it drives me crazy.

    Break the mold and pursue him, with that said, I simply mean ask him to go out for a drink. That will open up the doors and who knows what might happen!

    • Thanks. He never talks to anyone here and i told my manager who was almost shocked because she knows he's reserved. I think he might but I just won't know because I dont work sundays anymore :( and thats the only day. I was going to have a coworker tell him but that might be weird.

    • No, having your coworker tell him would be weird, I think. Does he come in on Sunday at a specific time? If so, maybe you could just be stopping by to pick up something that you left ;) If you are interested in him... you will find a way to let him know.

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