How do I make a move (and should I)?

I'll try to make this brief!
My best (girl) friend has moved in to an apartment with her boyfriend.
One day in December my friend and me went to a bar and afterwards I slept on their sofa. Her bf had also been out with his friends and I ended up sleeping next to (and having sex with) the bf's best friend.
Two weeks later I sent him a friend request on fb which he has yet to reply to (no other contact at all).
And a week after that I sent him a message on fb and asked for it to not be awkward between us (we used to be in the apartment at the same time often) and for us to just forget what happened. He answered back, agreeing with me.
We've not really seen each other that much and haven't spoken since.

Last week the four of us all went partying in town - with different groups though - but the couple planned for us to end up sleeping on the same sofa next to each other again afterwards. We all went home at the same time, walked home together, afterpartied a bit in the apartment and it was actually really nice. Afterwards we went to 'bed' and nothing happened (= we just slept).
The following morning it was, again, actually really nice - not awkward in any way and he's actually a really great guy. We were even alone for some time and just talked.

Now; my problem is that I think I like him and I would really like to get to know him better (to actually date or just something casually, I'm not sure yet). My problem is that I only see him when we're with our mutual couple-friends (the one with the apartment). I've already sent him a friend request, which he hasn't replied to, and he actually has my number, so if he wanted to he could just text me.. (well, I could too..)

After the night last week, I kind of got the impression - there were signs - that he might be curious about me too..
Our mutual friends know about that night in December and they ALWAYS mention it in some way when one (or both of us) are with any of them... (he can't take it)


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  • i stopped reading this after you admitted to having sex with your best friends boyfriend. what sort of fucking friend are you? seriously? and now you want to date this guy?

    • I didn't - it was the boyfriends bestfriend

    • god i am so sorry, but you know right that the text says that you was with your bffs boyfriend? ^^''''

    • It actually says the bf's best friend. But, I'm sorry, I see how it's easy to misunderstand