I have a guy I really like and he likes me too but I also have this guy who texts Me but isn't what im Looking for what do I do?

I'm Wanting to go out with this guy he's super sweet and kinda nerdy in a cute way. But I'm texting this guy ( before I met the guy I want to go out with ) he's nice but like I said not the type of guy I'm looking for. He rarely texts me just enough in the week that I know he's not dead and we have a lot in common but we can never have a good conversation how do I turn him down without hurting him?


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  • Just stop talking to him. I imagine he's ptobsbly one of those guys who only really texts when he's bored. screw those guys, they aren't worth your time or effort. If he liked you or valued you in the way of romance he'd show real effort. Not apathy.
    Go for the guy you actually like and let the other guy fizzel away. You don't have to tell him. It's not like you're nresking up with him or you've been friends for years (I assume not) so you don't owe him. If he's not putting in effort you don't need to