Friends boyfriend is flirting with me?

So recently nearly every Thursday a group of friends and I go over to one of my friends' flats (we take turns), however one of my friends boyfriends has been acting a little odd around me. For example a few weeks ago he was very drunk, so I was giving him water to try and sober him up but he half pulled me onto the sofa so that I was lying next to him and started to hug me and stroke my arms whilst saying his girlfriends name (we were the only ones in the flat as the others had gone to the shop). I think he may have just got us confused but she is a kind of curvy natural blonde whereas I am slim-average dark brunette. Also he regularly holds his hand out as if to high five but he kind of intertwined his fingers so that we are holding hands, he did this the other day whilst my friends were walking me back to my place and we ended up holding hands the entire way back. He just keeps doing cute little things like kissing me on the cheek but on a few occasions he has even bit me playfully on the cheek and shoulder randomly. It confuses me as to why he would act like this around me when his girlfriend is present, yesterday he even asked me to sit on his knee as there were no seats left. When I broke up with my boyfriend ( it was complicated, my best friend asked me out when we were both drunk, but the next morning we both decided to just stay friends) he said that's good, I saw a picture and you are too good for him. Him and his girlfriend have had a few rough patches in the past, he has told me a few times that she is a b****** and that if she breaks up with him he can get another girl within 5 minutes. It just seems to me that he only acts this way around me when he is drunk, is he just using me to try and make her jealous?


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  • i can't blame him. I'd hit on you too :P

    just kidding, i wouldn't worry too much about it. people do weird stuff when they're drunk. i once was soo drunk i started licking a lamppost to see if my tongue would stick to it, like what happens in wintertime, but it was summer.

    • Hehe I'm laughing soo hard now, I have a bad habit of just randomly swinging around lamposts when I'm drunk. I once did that when it's was raining and started singing "I'm singing in the rain" 😂

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    • Haha that's multitasking for you, I can sing when I'm drunk, just not very well 😳

    • i can't even sing very well when I'm sober 😂

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  • Why are you letting this go on?

    • I just didn't want to be disrispectful as I was in his flat and in his culture it is rude to reject a kiss on the cheek etc.

    • Right. And hold his hand too? Okay.