Good first and second date, but now what?

We met for drinks on the first date, talked for a few hours, then I walked her to her car at the end of the night and kissed her goodbye. I didn't hear from her all week (granted she said she's not a big texter) but to my surprise she agreed to go out again. I made reservations, and we went bowling. Afterwards she asked if I wanted to go somewhere else so we went to a bar, played darts, and she covered the tab for beer (brownie points). The night ended the same as the first, but with more kissing. There was also a lot more touching, and the couple times a stranger addressed me as her boyfriend, she didn't object.

But, now what? It's sub zero where I live and while I can come up with good date ideas when it's warm (one of which she said she'd love to do with me if I wasn't "tired" of her by then), I have nothing for winter. I'm really drawing a blank here. Would it be okay if I just asked her for an idea? I don't want to be lame :/


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  • Don't ask her for an idea, if you are into her, plan something, to show your sincerity. If you are concerned, put out a few options and let her pick. Probably not a movie though, you won't be able to talk much while watching a movie. If it is not too cold, go to a park and do a picnic, do something that will allow you to have more verbal interactions, get to know her as a person.


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  • Movie, dinner, a sporting event (like a hockey or lacrosse game or something), a show (concert or play)...


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