Should I talk to him one last time?

My bf and I have been dating a year now. He has this female friend over to his house well he lives with his parents so his parents house to watch this show with him once a week and sometimes they chill for like 4 hours. I am invited but the girl literally says two words to me the whole time. I feel she is so rude. I will go over and hangout with them but she makes it awkward. She even told my bf that I cramp their style by being there umm excuse me I am his gf I have more of a right to be there watching a weekly TV show with him than you do. If I cramp her their style then maybe she shouldn't come over to watch TV anymore. I spoke to my bf calmly about this issue saying that I feel like when is "borrowing" my bf for a night every week to watch this TV show and she is rude to me and about me and he gets all defensive claiming I hate her. I told him well she isn't exactly doing anything to make me like her. Insisting to get all cozy with my bf every week for 4 hours at his house and then ignoring me. Like when my guy friend gets into a relationshil I always respect my boundaries and I always bend over backwards to make sure his gf feels comfortable and I certainly would expect that he would put his girlfriends comfort and feelings first. Where as with my bf and this friend I feel like he is more worried about making his female friend feel comfortable than his own gf. Like if she thinks I'm "cramping their style" shouldn't my bf stick up for me and be like oh well you don't have to come over but she is my gf and yadda yadda yadda? Other then this issue everything is great in our relationship. How should I handle it? Talk to the girl maybe or try calmly talking to my bf one last time. I'm sure we can all agree that I'm not the crazy one here for feeling uncomfortable with all of this.


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  • Saying you have a problem with it will only make it worse for you. Why? Because your bf isn't actually doing anything wrong and he'll get defensive and annoyed at you, he'll think more highly of you if you trust his choices and act cool about it. Also the girl will love that she is creating a problem between you and your bf. Don't confront her, that's just petty. She sees him for a couple of hours a week and you have him whenever you want, focus on being supportive and understanding and he'll notice.

    • Well it feels like he is defending this other girl over me when he should be worrying more about my comfort. Yes it is a couple hours a week but it is watching TV at his house. I just feel lime watching TV 4 hours a week together every week is a bit much. I mean shouldn't he be doing everything in his power to make me feel comfortable? It just seems like there is something more going on since he is allowing her to act rude to me and he is going to the end of the earth to defendher which doesn't sit right with me

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    • OK well at the very least he shouldn't allow her to be rude to me and at least freaking invite me over to make me less suspicious like why do they need to be alone to watch tb. All my friends thinks that's sketchy as fuck

    • I'm trying to help you but what you're doing is not trusting him. Assuming he is doing something wrong won't help you. Guys like to hang out with friends in an environment that they feel comfortable. You see his friend as a female who has an ulterior motive, but he sees her as a generic friend. He wouldn't even think to make sure all his interactions with his friend are in brood daylight, in an open area where you and the whole world can monitor him.