So Confused, please help?

I've been seeing this guy for about 3 weeks. He lives an hour away so it is slightly a long distance thing. Our first date he came to take me out. We had a wonderful time and a promise to do it all again. The following weekend I went to his place and spent the whole weekend there at his suggestion. The weekend after that, he suggested I come out and spend Friday night at his place. Which we did. Leading up to our first date of course the texting game was on point, joking, laughing all of that stuff. After the first date same thing but with more of him adding in suggestions to come cuddle and how he was looking forward to seeing me and complimenting me and stuff. This is honestly a nice guy who would never use someone for sex at all. He is 100% looking for someone to be with in the long run. It seems after that first weekend that things have sort of shifted. He doesn't call me cute nicknames and since this weekend he didn't make any type of suggestion of hanging out again. He is still texting me good morning, through the day and goodnight before bed, but the texts aren't as frequent and he isn't really asking questions or keeping the conversation going at all. I'm just concerned he is fading out on me for one reason or another. Maybe I'm reading too much into this? I have massive issues from my previous relationship as he was emotionally abusive and would never let me talk about my feelings and get irritated if I tried so I am terrified to bring ANYTHING up to him... I don't want to be needy or clingy because I'm not that girl. I also do not want to bring past experiences into this, but kind of want to explain why I am a little guarded. I'm not worried he's with someone else, I'm just worried that he's lost interest! What do I do?


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  • I don't think it is "needy" or "clingy" to bring issues up for discussion, just don't do it in a confrontational/combative manner, give him the benefit of the doubt, ask about him, ask if he has been dealing with something at work, show him your concern for his well being.

    Same here, I was in an emotional abusive relationship where if I say or question anything he will just give me silence treatment for days, but you know what? It is better to know if someone is problematic 3 weeks in a relationship than later.

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