I get down on myself because I'm ugly, how can I get over this?

I'm a guy and 26. Please save the cliches of confidence and all that. women care about looks too, everyone does, you know it I know it, everyone knows it.

I'm skinny which is okay since I can work out which I am doing. I'm going to business school and I work part time at mcdonald's (you gotta do what you gotta do) I recently started my own skateboarding / clothing brand.

My problem is that most girls that I'm interest in drop this line on me"you're perfect, to bad you're ugly" or some sort of backhanded compliment.

I'm on medication and I know there are other things in life but looking good seems to be my strongest goal. yeah its superficial but well you can't solve a problem unless you're honest about it.

Well thanks for the answers but I just wanna know how to get over this.


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  • You have gotten multiple responses on the fact that you aren't ugly, so perhaps, it was an issue with the gals eyes that told you this.

    In all honesty, I was a young skinny girl in my twenties as well. What helped me was realizing how I perceive myself is how others see me. If I am confident then others will see me as such. If I think I am above average looking then I will project a sense of confidence that others will see. Truly, it's all in your hands.

    Just be thankful that you received these opinions and didn't pursue anything. It certainly sounds like it is their attitude which is ugly.


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  • Just took a look at your profile picture, you don't look ugly. The girls that use that line on you probably have pretty ugly personality, you should write them off, they might be prettier than you now, but beauty doesn't last. Do well in life, make friends, finish your degree if you haven't, go on to have a great career, and remain kind and good at heart... when you do well in life, you will feel good about yourself and attract better people :)

  • I know you’re probably going to roll your eyes at this, but you are not ugly by any means. You have pretty wavy hair, clear skin, and big expressive eyes. That’s not ugly to me. :P
    I wouldn’t go down the road of changing yourself to fit some ideal. You’ll never be happy that way. What I would work on is investing in yourself in a person: like finding things you’re passionate about and being good at it. That’s really attractive to the ladies lol. I know this sounds cliché but it’s true. GL

    • thanks but I do have things i like to do and a lot of goals.. this is just the only problem that I have regarding my self esteem -.-

    • But don't do it because you don't feel good enough. Do it because you think highly of yourself lol. Two have told i'm ugly and I know i'm not. Just because a few girls said you were ugly does not mean that you are. So don't let it bother you.

  • 'You're perfect, too bad you're ugly' - I think that's one of the stupidest lines I've ever heard.

    Anyways, you're not ugly so, yes work on your confidence. It all comes down to that.

    • I usually get something of the lines of "you are great but so ugly it's a deal breaker" type of answer

  • You're not ugly kidanis


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  • Step 1: Believe in God.

    Step 2: Get saved with Jesus

    Step 3: Kill yourself and go to heaven (suicide doesn't send you to hell)

    Step 4: Wait with God for the resurrection of the dead, receive your new, beautiful, perfect and very strong body!

    Step 5: Profit!!!

  • Just because women tell you that your ugly, you believe them? Life isn't about taking other peoples word for it, it's about how you see yourself. Period.

    By the way, don't fish for compliments on this site. It's so annoying.

    • I wasn't fishing for compliments more off asking for a way to get over it/ cope with it or maybe advice from somone who's gotten over it. I really don't think any amount of compliments is gonna magically make me feel better about it

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    • My questions clearly says "I get down on myself because I'm ugly, HOW CAN I GET OVER THIS? " clear as day :)

    • annnnd you can't deny the fact that it's a question of "tell me I'm not ugly"

  • This feels like fishing for "you're not ugly" compliments to me.

    • there's no point in doing that so why bash on random people online?

    • I'm not bashing you. I'm telling you what I think, which is... literally the point of the site. I don't think I'm anything more than a 7 to look at, and I have had nothing but success with women. You think I'm better looking than you? I don't.

    • Well I really do think I'm ugly and get told all the time so I really don't know

  • dude, at least you've had a girlfriend before, i noticed your question about your ex, that should be an indicator that you are attractive enough.

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