Is there still a chance for me?

We're Facebook friends; we see each other in school. I've never talked to her in the 1.5 months when I started liking her a lot. The only times I talked to her were through Facebook :/
Jan. 26th, I messaged her. Kinda long, but this is the gist: "Hey, (her name), I remember seeing you at that NYE party. I thought to myself, 'Wow, that (her name) girl's really cute; I bet she's an interesting girl. Ever since then, I've been wanting to talk to you, I'd just get too nervous to. Would you be opposed to the idea of us getting to know each other a little better? If not, then I respect your feelings/decisions. Thanks."
Her response: "Lol umm.. thanks haha. Sorry, I just don't think I like you the same way you like me.. But you seem nice lol.. And thanks for sayin that stuff.. It was nice of you. Sorry. And lol umm.. sure, I don't mind. And thanks."
Since then, in lunch and study hall, I'd sometimes see her give me little stares, smile, and quickly dart her head away. Still, I got too nervous to approach her.
Valentine's Day, I gave her an "I like you" poem through Facebook, (it's my only way to talk to her
I sent her a message on Feb. 19, “It might've looked like I was ignoring you yesterday. I want you to know I did notice you, and well, you looked absolutely gorgeous. I think you're talented, intelligent, extremely cute, have a beautiful voice, a cute laugh, and an amazing personality. And, (her name), I want the chance to get to know you.”
She said: “Thankyou this is very nice, and my friend is right, you're very, very sweet. But, I just don't think I feel the same way. And I think I might like someone else. Sorry.”
I responded: “I understand, (her name). Thanks for being honest.”
Then, I signed off. I felt awful after reading that, like I just had my heart ripped out.
I strongly believe there's a chance for me. I still like this girl in every way that I stated before.
Did I come on too strong too fast? If so, how can I talk to her, in person, about it?


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  • I'm sorry but I think that talking to her wouldn't change her mind. It happens to a lot of people that they are attracted to someone, who doesn't feel the same way. And there is nothing to do about it, it's natural.

    You didn't do anything wrong, but she is interested in somebody else already. I'm afraid that if you would approach her more, then she would start ignoring you totally, might even get angry at you. Keep distance, at least for now. Don't think about her and concentrate on your stuff - work, school, hobbies. Maybe she eventually would come around, but don't count on it.


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  • I think forget Facebook and talk to her in person. If she is lying about her feelings for you it is more obvious face to face. Try asking her upfront if she wants to go on a date, apologise for coming on too strong and ask to make it up to her. Just whatever you do... don't do it on Facebook! Say it to her face! Hope this helps :)


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  • No it doesn't sound like you came on to strong or too fast. More of a timing thing is my opinion. It may be that she was already interested in this other person before she found out you were into her. She just wasn't sure how to let you know it from the start

  • There's no chance for you. You also didn't do anything wrong. I believe you just have a bad case of falling for a dumb bitch who doesn't know what she wants, or needs. She is destined to be used, abused, and treated like dog vomit.

    Move on and look for someone who isn't completely brain-dead.

    • Sounds bitter as hell

    • Bitter truth, perhaps. Better he hear it from a fellow man, than be led on by a lying skank.

  • Move on. She has stated twice she is just not that into you.

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