Guys - would you text back a girl you're not interested in?

So you only met the girl once and you don't really know each other at all (low chance you'll see her again), and she asked for your number and texted you to hang out, but you're not interested in her romantically - would you just ignore the text or would you reply?


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  • I text back just to be polite but I will intentionally leave long pauses (4-12 hours) to respond so that the girl knows I'm not interested in that way and just want to be friends.

    • So if a guy sends followup text question to ask about your day or this and that, that means he might be interested? Or is that just part of being polite too?

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    • Thanks! that really clear things up for me :)

    • I wouldn't schedule a date with someone i don't like. I also wouldn't reschedule with someone i had no interest in, it's just mean and wastes peoples time.

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