He's harder to read than a child's book?

So this guy. We work together (not in the same office) but when we met we flirted like crazy. Texting, face booking each other.

Go ahead about 6 months and we are really close! Still flirt like absolute crazy and even sext at times.
He cares a lot about me because his actions say so. I was having a bad day, and he IM another lady I work with in the same office as me, he said to her "go and give Her a hug from me" and then he messaged me and said I hope you're okay. This has happened a few times.

Basically. My feelings for this guy are strong.
I know he doesn't really want anything serious... I think. But if he cares that much about me, would he have feelings for me?

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  • likely he likes you quite a bit but b/c you are coworkers he may feel you are off limits. almost everyone has a bad coworker romantic experience and usually the lesson is don't date co workers. there is no doubt he likes you and thinks about you outside of work. don't make things weird by talking about it. that will spur awkwardness very quickly. just wait until one of you gets quit/fired and take it from there, until then just develop this very special friendship you two have and enjoy that.

  • I think he likes you.


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