Girls (preferably) I need some advice with my crush?

I want to get to know my crush a little better. But the problem is that I'm not in any of the same classes as her. I have gone to school with her since kindergarten, but have never had a crush on her until now (8th grade). I don't know, she just got so beautiful all of a sudden. But she is basically the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. I just melt on the inside when I'm anywhere near her, but at least I'm good at keeping to to myself. But anyways, i have actually only spoken very few words to her and most of them were when she was with her friends. I manage to keep my cool when I'm around her, but i just never really get a chance to talk to her. The only time I'm anywhere near her is in the hallway, during lunch, or during recess. And I'm afraid that she would think it was weird if i just randomly started talking to her at random times because we have never really been friends and again, we have no classes together. I don't know how to approach her, or when to appraoch her because we just don't have anywhere that both of us go to at certain times. She may or may not be going to the same high school as me next year, but I'm afraid that there is going to be even less of a chance of me getting in the same classes/activities with her in HS because its a big highschool that all the surrounding towns feed into after 8th grade. Should i wait and hope for some of the same classes as her in HS, or do you have any ideas of how to get to know her this year? I would prefer answers from girls, because you would know what would make you uncomfortable and what wouldn't. How would you feel if someone who you have been around in since kindergarten, who currently has no classes with you, all of the sudden wanted to talk to you? What are some ways i could do that without sounding weird?

Also, she is on chorus. I have other friends who are in chorus so it wouldn't be so awkward for me to join. But I don't know if I'd be able to join in so late. And even if i do join in, I'm afraid that i might just embarrass myself because idek wether I'm a good singer or not.
PS: my school is very small. We don't have any electives. All students take an Algebra class, a Science Class, a Social Studies class, and a Literature class. I have 1st period Literature, 2nd period Algebra, 3rd period Social Studies, and 4th period Science. My crush has 1st period Algebra, 2nd period Literature, 3rd period Science, and 4th period Social Studies. So we have no classes together. We do have lunch and recess though, but she is with her friends then. Should i just give up on her?


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  • Try to talk to her if she's alone like if your behind her in line to lunch then whisper a funny comment on the food loud enough for her to hear but still a whisper and you could talk a bit with her that way. Or if you find her alone with a book or something like that ask her about some classes she takes that you'll like to take next year ask her how they are as if you just want to know if you're really going to take them or nah

    • Woild it be creepy if i used a mutual friend of me and my crush to find out what classes my crush will be taking next year?

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    • Ok i might try it, but I don't know how I'm gonna bring it up to the mutual friend. It would be super weird if i was just like "oh by the way, what classes is Rachel taking next year?" Lol

    • You could be talking of the classes you're taking next year and when you see her in the hallway find a way to make that friend be curious about the classes she's taking next year aswell and stand by to listen while waiting for that friend. But as you all have the same classes you can't be like "how is this class" as you already have it x) so yeah it'll be hard...

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  • Don't wait! Seize the moment!

    Just start some kind of small talk with her one day or something, and that will build and it won't be weird.

    When I was a freshman a guy that I didn't know did my a small favor, he gave me his seat in class and he sat on the floor, and then after that we started talking everyday. It was just a kind gesture, but it went so much further than that, so maybe try something along those lines.

    Good luck (:

    • So i should wait for an opportunity to demonstrate chivalry before i start talking to her?

    • You could, but like I said don't wait. Maybe hold the door for her, or compliment her, or offer her help with a question she has in class. These small things can lead to big things. You can't just wait around for things to happen, you have to make them happen.

    • I don't have any classes with her though. And she is always with her friends in lunch and recess. So I don't know where or when i could do that.

  • Better to ask when she's not around friends, giving a compliment isn't creepy, you have a chance to talk to her! if it were me, it would make me uncomfortable if someone came on to strong like gave me their whole life story in the first few minutes of meeting. things like that.

    • What could i use as an excuse to talk to her? Especially if i haven't gotten to know her over all these years. Wouldn't it be creepy if i jut came up to her, complimented her, and walked away? That would make it obvious that i like her, and i thought it might be smarter to get to know her before i start flirting and eventually tell her i like her.

    • Just gotta find the right moment. Next time you see her you could ask her "Hey do you know where so and so's classroom is?" Yes that would be a bit creepy. yes definitely get to know her first.

    • Well i only have 4 classes that i switch between. We have no electives. Every student has the same classes but some students have them at different periods. I don't have any leriods with me. But it would be weird if i asked where a classroom is because we have all been going to the same classes since the beginning of the year and all for classrooms are within 20 ft of eachother. So yeah... its a small school

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