He over compliments me and haven't gone out yet?

So I go to college with this guy (I'm in first year he's in second) and we never talked before until Valentine's day but we barely talked. Then like 2 weeks later he asked (over fb) if he could take me to dinner so I said sure but like since then he's been texting me more than once if I don't answer right away and over complimenting me and just coming off strong.

Should I still go out with him. I'm not used to dating and I'm a little freaked out.

Ps I'm 18 he's 21


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  • He's most likely interested in you. If you want to keep it up to friendship only then talk to him or give him signs that you are not ready for any kind of relationships, otherwise you could hurt him because the more time you would take the deeper his feelings will become.
    If you want a relationship then it is going okay.


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