Guys, would you ever date a guarded girl?

So a girl has been burned a few times and doesn't want to open up easily. Would you try to prove that you're worthy or move on to another girl?

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  • My current girlfriend is guarded due to her first ex. (I'm her second boyfriend, and the longest). Luckily for me, she feels safe and protected around me. She doesn't have to feel secluded with me, she's very 'open' with me. So I have no worries, except for very rare flashbacks that she has in which she shakes and cries a little. (He was abusive towards her, I'm not). When she does that, I stop what I'm doing and I hold/comfort her, letting her know I'm here. But she has changed from shy, to outgoing and fun.


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  • I would def stay and make it work, she has got some baggage as do I, so what? Although, if she kept it up day after day for several months, I would start to think that maybe it wasn't just that she is guarded and consider moving on.

    • No I was meaning just that she didn't open up right away and took longer to trust you completely

    • As I said def stay and make it work. So she has some hangups, I do too, not at all a deal breaker.

  • If she's piqued my interest, she's worth it. Why be lazy if she's awesome? Trust is earned.

  • Depends on how much I was interested

  • Too much effort, I'd move on.

  • Well first of all, no girl is dating me for more than 3-4 months unless she's a casual fuck buddy.

    I don't mind a guarded girl. I like all sorts of women to enrich my experience!


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