Traveling to meet a girl I like. Don't know what to do? Advice?

I met this girl during an overseas holiday a few months ago. Since we’ve both come home we have been talking a lot and I’m planning a short trip to go and see her in a week or so for a couple of days. She’s really nice, pretty and down to earth. We get along well, she is a few years older than me and I feel I may be falling for her. I haven’t felt this way about a girl in a very long time. If things do go well, I would consider moving to where she lives to be closer to her and hopefully start a romantic relationship but it could be a few months before I could do that (other issues with work and stuff like that).

I’m extremely nervous about the trip, I don’t know how I should act, talk or be. I’m scared she won’t like me and I’m terrified of ending up in the friend zone and not getting a chance with her. I will be devastated and badly hurt if she doesn’t like me. I am a little shy by nature and I will admit that I have confidence issues but I’m trying my hardest to work through them.

Friends of mine have said I should just be my “authentic self” and if she doesn’t like me then it’s her loss but what in the hell does that mean? What if she does not like “me for me”?


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  • Definitely go prepared with a list of topics and questions you can bring up in case there's nothing left to talk about


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