Advice on having a boy ask me to a dance?

Okay, so i have a crush on a boy and there is a school dance coming up. So i really badly want him to ask me to the dance, as a date or not. And i am pretty sure he likes me, because he flirts with me a lot, like almost every day {EX: smiling, getting real close to me, talks about me (good) with his friends}. Also at the last school dance, a couple months ago, he slow danced with me every single time everyone slow danced. So i was wondering if there is anything to have him ask me to the dance without being obvious, like "Oh hey ask me to the dance". thank youuu


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  • just be like, you going with anyone to the dance? and if he says no, smile and say im not either, wanna go together? :P


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  • Ask if he going to the dance and slightly hint that you want him to ask you to come with him.


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