Women do you see the loser on dating site more then winner?

women do you see the losers on dating site more then winner?
I screw down and see women who are already are yelling at men before they meet ahaha

they write things which scare guy away.

either bash guys that don't own fancy cares or they insult once lifestyle chose and this what write on profiles.

now what those a winner dating profil3e look like'?

I hate seeing women who think they superior by gender.


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  • Is this your problem? Women think you're a loser?

    • what you just said was very broad. only the loser think im a loser,

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    • Im going be rich and famous because its my vision but don't want anyone who just sticks around for the money and fame.

    • Well then, don't talk about your future plans and you'll know she isn't sticking around for the money and fame, just for the great person that you truly seem to be...

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