How do I ask this guy out for a date? Guys could you help me out?

I really like this guy, and my friend says I should go for it, however I am kind of hesitant I need your opinion guys.
We went out for dinner last week, keep in mind this was his idea, so we planned it and went for it, it was great, but I could tell he was shy, and couldn't look at me in the eyes.

There was a comment I made about always wanting to try new things, but I said "but I don't have anyone to do it with", and he said "Just let me know, I'm down!" then we went off to talking about how I can ask him anytime. He does look at me a lot at work, and always smiles at me. We already talked about going out to eat again, hanging out, but I have NO idea how to bring it up without sounding desperate. Guys, how should I approach this guy?


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  • Dude that sucks, ""Just let me know, I'm down!""

    Do you want to babysit a guy in which you'll have to take charge? Let him ask you out, if he doesn't it'll be a nice lesson for him to not take the passive role.

    You've made it clear to him that you want to hang out (great job). However he needs to pick up on this.

    • You know what? I think you're right, and I was actually thinking about this the other day. Do I really want to be the one always making plans? I get it, he's into me, I don't know how much he's into me, but I know he's shy, and I love using the poker face (I'm good at it) with him a lot, because I don't to just be like "HEY I LIKE YOU, LET'S HANG OUT!"... but I feel like I could tell him anything and he would be like "Sure!, Yes!, I'm DOWN!" ... there's no challenge there... and honestly if he asked me to hang out... well that would be GREAT! Thanks for your honest response!.

    • As a girl, you role is to let them know it's safe to ask you out.

      Other than that, let the guy do the work. If he doesn't do the work or take the hint. Move on... there's a confident alpha male out there somewhere that will do it.

      And yes, the "challenge" is always exciting whether or not we like to admit it.

  • Just say you want to do X and ask him if he's still down.


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